An Important Message from East West
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Dear Friends,

We have some important news about East West to share with you, and we wanted to be sure you heard it directly from us rather than via rumor. After 36 years as stewards of one of the largest New Age bookstores in the country, the Ananda Church of Self-Realization is looking to sell East West. We want to assure you that we will do everything we can to create a smooth transition and ensure that East West keep the same unique character it has had these past decades.

East West has always been much more than a store to us—East West is “just” a bookstore like the Empire State Building is “just” an office building. It has been a spiritual center open to all, and has been, we feel, a light on the Peninsula for many thousands through the years. A life of service to others is an essential part of our lives at Ananda, and we hope that our joy has extended to all of you through the store.

A former manager heard the following exchange between two customers: “Where do you go for your inspiration and renewal?” The other responded, “I come here. East West is my church.” This, and countless other such moments, have been our inspiration over the years.

However, Ananda is also expanding into many new areas, both locally and globally, and with limited resources and personnel it is hard for us to continue to operate the store as we would like. After long and careful consideration we feel this is the best way forward. That said, this decision is in no way reflective of the business climate, our customers, or our desire to be of service, but simply an adaptation to our evolving situation.

East West had a long and beloved history prior to our purchase of it in 1980. Under Ananda’s ownership it has greatly expanded in size, it its offerings, and in the population it serves. We fully hope and expect that this next transition, too, will simply be the start of a new and joyful era for the store.

It has been a great blessing for us to have been able to be of service all these years, and we say this both from our last five years as managers of East West and on behalf of all those who have served here before us. We want to thank each one of you, our friends and customers, for your loyalty and support. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns as we move forward on trying to arrange a sale.

Our next step is to locate a qualified buyer. A complete buyer’s package is now available. If you know of anyone who may be interested in purchasing a profitable, service-oriented, and uplifting business, please let us know. We would love to keep the store within the family of Truthseekers we have always served.

Joy to you!
Tandava and Nooshin
Managers, East West Bookshop

East West