Exciting News from East West!
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Dear Friends,

Wonderful news about East West Bookshop: It is not being sold!

As many of you know, we have been working to sell the store for over a year now. There has been interest, but we hit roadblocks along each new path. It became clear over time that something else was “trying to happen,” and after some other puzzle pieces falling into place, the Ananda Church has now made the decision to keep the store.

David Gamow, an experienced business manager, and in fact a former successful manager of East West, will soon be replacing me in the role of manager, and I will be moving on to a new role at the Ananda church. David brings a great enthusiasm for continuing, expanding, and energizing the store, and East West will continue to be a spiritual community center for the Bay Area and beyond, as it has been for so many decades.

Please share this news with friends and fans of East West, and we look forward to seeing you al here this holiday season, and in the new year!

Joy to you!
Manager, East West Bookshop